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Art, Design, Photography / No Comment / November 4, 2017

Yuan Yang is located in Southern Yunnan Province and is a county comprised of several hundred small villages with the small provincial town of Nansha as its centre, the construction of a small airport in the last two years has opened up this previously hidden pocket of Yunnan to both domestic and foreign tourists to explore.

 Yuanyang is famous for its agricultural,cultivation with large rice terraces similar to those of Longsheng in Guangxi covering the landscape, Yuan Yang county is also the main exporter of fruit in Yunnan and also produces gold. In the last two years tourism in Yuan Yang County has increased by over 40% making it one of the fastest growing tourist regions in China. Geography Yuan Yang County is steep and mountainous with the topography lending itself perfectly to the terraced rice paddies that have made this region increasingly iconic on the Chinese tourist landscape, however the challenging terrain has made access to this region difficult with no rail link, limited road access, it is only with the recent construction of a domestic airport has travel to Yuan Yang become more practical.

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