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The Photographer

Art, Design, Photography / No Comment / October 4, 2017

When it comes to creativity, we all probably wish we were more creative than we are, dreaming and hoping for new and better ideas. Creativity exists in all of us; it is not just a gift for the “geniuses” or with someone with just blind luck. My own sense of my creativity is to be fully aware and allow myself to experience different forms of creativity.

To be willing to spend thousands of hours of practice and hard work, and not fearing failure as a negative thing.

Being a creative person means that I must have the ability to see the world in a different perspective, through creative eyes. Every moment of my life is full of intentions, actions, and thoughts by which I might be more creative. I think of this process as taking “nothing” and turning it into “something,” something with meaning and value. Like many other people, I used to think of a creative person as someone of “genius,” a highly talented artist, songwriter, or designer that was creating something wonderful without any great effort. Then, when I started my own creative journey. I realized and began to believe that it takes many hours of practice and learning in order to succeed. I learned that many creative persons in all fields have learned that failing to succeed is not total failure; it is part of the creative process in knowing what will work and what won’t work.

DeBono (1992) suggests, “ Understanding the logic of creativity does not itself make you more creative, but it does make you aware of the necessity for creativity.”

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